WATCH: True Facts About Sloths — the Jobless Bums of the Jungle

Nobody ever said the sloth was a majestic creature, but they probably did say that it smells like a sewer. That’s because this lazy slacker moves so little that it has algae growing on its fur — and has the nerve to try to pass it off as camouflage. Other nature programs may focus on the positive aspects of the planet’s more beautiful and graceful creatures. “True Facts” points out the truth, as ugly as it may be.

If the sloth can manage to survive at moving only three feet per minute, surely you can muster the energy to put on a pair of pants before 2 pm.

The 20 Worst Pieces of Terrible Taxidermy

Welcome to our petting zoo of taxidermy nightmares. These 20 creatures aren't really the cuddly kind, in fact, these beasts are straight-up horrifying.

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