Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Willy Wonka Remixed, Siri, Chuck Norris

iPhone is all about these Siri commercials with celebrities, Samuel L. Jackson, John Malkovich… Yep, celebs need the help of technology for the simplest of tasks just like the rest of us. Siri is a fickle creature though, and she doesn’t mesh with everyone – most notably quirky indie chicks like Zooey Deschanel.

I can’t tell you what Chuck Norris: The Movie is about, but I can tell you that it’s Chuck Norris as Chuck Norris and you don’t want to get in his way. Oh, and he kicks a lot of bad guys in the face, that’s really all one needs to know.

Ouch, the truth hurts. Especially when it’s two minutes and 24 seconds of Gene Wilder as Willy Wonka laying out some hard lessons for Charlie and Grandpa Joe. “You get nothing!” Hey, what can I say, he’s the music maker and the dreamer of dreams, them’s the rules. Now good day, sir!

You wouldn’t think that the gift shop of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum would be all that enticing, but just where else are you going to find a Lincoln porno or portrait of Abe on acid? Leave it to Team Coco to take the memory of perhaps our nation’s greatest President and reduce it to a six minute gag. Well done, Conan.

The Internet knows that you don’t have time to sit down and take in all its glory – real life does occasionally get in the way. Viral insanity in increments of 15 seconds or less though is an easier pill to swallow. I’m not even going to try and sum up what a YouTube haiku is made of, so I’ll just throw out a few key words and let the video madness do the rest: He-Man, dubstep cats, Chevy Chase, cocaine addicted vacuum cleaners…

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