Indiana Jones Cat Could Survive a Nuclear Explosion, According to George Lucas

According to George Lucas, if you’re near a nuclear explosion the secret to survival is to hide in a fridge as he had Indiana Jones do (see below) in the fourth Indy film, “Indiana Jones and the Abortionist’s Tongs.” By that metric Indiana Jones cat is ready to survive a nuclear explosion because he certainly knows how to get into a fridge.

Really, no matter what damage this cat could have caused, his owner can’t even be mad. He’s just got to be impressed. That cat has guile. It’s performing better than the Russian gymnastics team. I assume the cat is Russian from the Russian writing on the youtube page. Then again I’m just assuming it’s Russian writing because all vaguely Eastern European writing looks Russian. Don’t blame me, this is what happens when you’re the satellite state of a larger country for 50 years.

Regardless, this cat is wily and talented. I wonder how it would handle snakes.

And just as a reminder as to how Indiana Jones cat can survive a nuclear explosion lets take a look at this gem from the inner workings of George Lucas’ evil, tormented brain:

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