The Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Bill Murray Remix and iPhone 5 Leaks

Bill Murray’s had the comedy world in the palm of his hand ever since he stepped on stage at Second City way back in the 1970s. British DJ Electric Method has recognized what many have long known, that Murray is simply a man of many layers of awesome.

Jello molds, beans from a can and a box of wine: the three staples of a classy gathering. But with every box of wine comes another box of questions. Am I getting the right kind of wine? Is my wine classy enough? How will this wine look when I pour it all over myself and guests? Grab a notepad, take some notes and prepare to get SUPA CLASSY!

No other phone on the planet can take photos of food quite like the iPhone 5. The new iPhone 5 has one function and one function only, to take the best possible photos of your food. Not only will these photos look amazing, but they’ll give the illusion to all your detached friends and family that your life is fulfilling and fun.


The animation team over of HISHE are back with what might be their biggest undertaking yet, The Dark Knight Rises. As awesome as the movie was, it’s definitely ripe for lampooning with Bane’s funny face mask providing some good jokes. Also, Batman learns that saying “Because I’m Batman” doesn’t just make a stab wound disappear.

This video has effectively cemented Tuco as the funniest TV villain of all time.

Talented YouTube user placeboing, real name Chris Lohr, dropped this gem on the interwebs yesterday and it might be the best Breaking Bad remix video yet. What’s even more amazing than the fantastic editing is the fact that the music is also (purportedly) by him as well, and, it syncs perfectly with the action.

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