Chatroulette Gangnam Style: Less Penis, More Fake-Horse Riding

Gangnam Style’s inevitable march toward viral oblivion continues. We’ve seen the original Gangnam Style by PSY, the Oregon duck Gangnam Style, and even the Gangnam Shining. We’ve now reached the Chatroulette stage of the song’s viral evolution.

Next we have the Star Wars “Gangnam Style” parody to look forward to, followed by the Funny or Die famous people “Gangnam Style,” and then the final stage of a viral song, the “Call Me Maybe” mash-up.

Although, I will admit, I do love the Chatroulette phase. People from all different backgrounds, from all over the world coming together to laugh and smile and dance. It’s a fun stage. I don’t look forward to the day I hear “Gangnam Style” and want to jab a rusty fork into my skull to make it stop because it has been so played out, but I know that day is coming and it terrifies me.

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