Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Hot Girl Fails and the John Cena Christmas Jam

Yes! Sorry. I got excited. Nothing soothes my soul more than seeing hot girls, but for some reason, when failing is thrown in there, two of my favorite things have come together in perfect harmony.

So many great moments in this video. From Money Maker Mike’s mall Santa outfit to the John Cena references in nearly every line, Krispy Kreme has delivered the redneck hip-hop Christmas jam the holidays were lacking.

The 7th Heaven marijuana episode will go down as one of the most iconic ’90s TV episodes. Watch the Camden family as they are joined by the creators of Inception to try and solve the mystery of who smoked the devil’s grass.

Our video star, Nick, declares he’s moving out of Spokane because of spiders, but before doing so he plans to deal with one that’s in his bathroom. No big deal, right? Grab a newspaper or something…

A family decided to strap a video camera to the collar of their family pet and find out what sort of cute hijinks he got into when leaving the house. Ya know, stalking butterflies, napping in the sun and doing blow in dirty bathroom stalls. The usual kitty stuff.

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