Top Comedy Videos of the Week: Westboro Baptist Church and Anne Hathaway

This story may read like an Onion news headline, but it’s real. In 2011, a chapter of the KKK apparently decided that the Westboro Baptist Church organization is too crazy, even by the standards of a bunch of folks who think hanging people because of their skin color is a reasonable thing to do. Best case scenario: They get into a street-fight and beat each other senseless.

His tormentors, I mean friends, have been reeping the benefits of Basse’s nervous system, winning video contests and garnering thousands of hits for his youtube videos. If this comes off as slightly cruel, well it is, but he seems to take it in good humor.

Anne Hathaway’s got new movie coming out this Christmas, Les Misérables. And so does Samuel L. Jackson with Django Unchained. Double opening of sad movies, whaaaaaa?! There can be only one sad, melodramatic movie about misery this season and somebody is going to have to go. Who will win, 19th century slaves or poor children during the French revolution?

Kimmel has unleashed a year’s worth of unnecessary censorship and it’s a perfect example of taking things out of context. From Kelly Ripa describing her first time giving to %#$ to a black %$#@, to Judge Judy chastising a guest for fist %#$#, the year was full of content that didn’t need to be censored, but thankfully was.

Homemade nutcracker using pliers and a Barbie doll? Sure, sounds legit to me.

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