WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Live’s 10 Funniest Clips

Jimmy Kimmel has said goodbye to his midnight time slot and moved to 11:35 to play with the big boys. We’re paying tribute to Jimmy with our own version of the mixtape, a 10 clip retrospective of his funniest bits. Tom Hanks and toddlers, dry humping celebrities and lots of crying kids – good luck, Dave and Jay, you’re gonna need it.

There’s nothing strange about little girls playing dress up with makeup and sequined dresses. There’s something a little strange when Tom Hanks is behind it all.

The ultimate movie to end all movies, it’s a prequel, sequel, trilogy all wrapped into one with every Hollywood A-lister ever. You can quit now, Hollywood.

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the secret that shook Tinseltown to it’s very foundation, he was f**king Ben Affleck. Matt is gonna be so hurt.

[BoxTitle]I Gave My Kids a Terrible Christmas Gift[/BoxTitle]

Very similar to the Halloween candy prank, only this time it’s Christmas that’s been ruined. $20 bucks says that a few clicks on would tie Jimmy Kimmel’s family tree right in with the Grinch.

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