WATCH: The 5 Best Valentine’s Day Videos of 2013

Drunk cats, talking bacon and drum fights on Valentine’s Day? You bet your ass! There’s a lot of weirdness going on in these videos (some of it in 5 second intervals) but trust us, they’re far funnier than that Hallmark card you bought your sweetheart. Oh, no valentine this year? My bad. Enjoy the videos…

It turns out that single cats are just like humans on Valentine’s Day, as in they have a habit of getting drunk and calling their ex while eating a pint of ice cream.

Flying dildos, threesomes gone wrong and talking sex kittens. It’s valentines hilarity in 5 second intervals.

I’ve watched this video three times and I’m still not sure what it has to do with bacon or Valentine’s Day. It’s badass nonetheless.

Having a fight with your girlfriend/boyfriend can be relentless, especially when you’re both drummers who insist on beating the skins. One of the most creative videos currently buzzing on YouTube.

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Bill Tull is all about celebrating Valentine’s Day on a budget. Steak in a thong? Boom, edible underwear.

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