The Hottie Body Hump Club

Late night TV personality and well known fitness guru Jimmy Kimmel, is gonna show you how stars like Scarlett Johansson and Jessica Alba turn flab into fab! Psst, it involves humping.

Superficial Friends: The Governator

In this episode of the Heavy classic, Paris Hilton is placed in a prison (a cube of lube to be exact) by the Governator following her trial and it’s up to her vapid friends to bust her out.

February Was Full Of Fail

February may be the shortest month, but a lot was packed in – more winter weather, the Oscars, the Super Bowl and of course, a whole lot of people making jackasses of themselves.

The 20 Worst Frozen Cars

Leave your car in the wrong place during the next snowpocalypse, and you could find yourself breaking out the ice pick like these unlucky drivers.

Charlie Sheen Lights Up The Today Show

Charlie Sheen continues his parade of awesomeness and depravity. The latest – he’s sick of pretending he’s not special, he’s got tiger blood and adonis DNA, he’s a Warlock and ultimately deserves a pay raise.

Shannon Elizabeth Let’s Her Rage Out In Black Ops

The topless girl from ‘American Pie’ goes all Mel Gibson psycho during her first session of Black Ops. It’s not everyday you see a hot chick getting schooled by a senior citizen, but when it happens it’s pretty sweet.

The G Connection With Snoop

The G Connection connects the love lives of women with the multiple personalities of the one and only Snoop Dogg. And yes, that’s a cameo from the homeless dude with the golden voice. Nice to see that Snoop and Warren hooked the guy up with a gig.