Conan Unveils His Halloween Plans

We’re gearing up for Halloween this weekend and Conan’s new show on TBS next month. Conan gives the lowdown on his Halloween costume and its scary similarities to John McCain.

Quagmire Mash-Up

Take a look at those zany antics from Family Guy’s Quagmire. Giggity Giggity!

The Greatest Karate Fails

Thinking about signing up for some karate classes? It’s best that you checkup on who is teaching the class to make sure they’re legit and not one of the dudes in these videos. We’ve compiled some favorite karate fail videos- some old, some new- all moronic.

High Five Etiquette

Don’t get nervous or feel awkward when someone throws a high five your way. Follow these simple steps and master this all-important social skill.

Pillow Justice

Ever lied to make yourself look better? Watch out or you just may get a pillow across the face.

Tweet It

It’s a battle for the ages! Ipad and Iphone street gangs clash head to head with Twitter, all set to the tune of the classic Michael Jackson video “Beat It”… minus the switchblades.