The 20 Worst Family Vacation Photos

Your dad may have thought he was Annie Leibovitz behind the camera but we’ve got the photos to prove otherwise. Now everybody smile and say “awkward”! It’s the 20 Worst Family Vacation Photos.

Superficial Friends: Brangelina

The Heavy Classic ‘Superficial Friends’ is a dream team of narcissism and selfishness. While other super heroes rid the world of injustice, this assortment of misfits is more concerned with being seen and tanning.

Our Favorite Super Bowl Ads

If you fell into a buffalo wing and beer coma after halftime and missed the second round of commercials, not to worry we’ve got you covered with some of the big game’s advertising highlights. Biebers, beavers and chip crazed pugs round out the this year’s best Super Bowl ads.

Obama Get’s Autotuned

We live in the age of the autotune and nobody is immune, not even the commander-in-chief. And he’s got a message for all the shawties on the block.

PMS Survival Tips

The dangers of PMS are nothing to laugh about, many a man has met his fate for failing to correctly answer a simple question like: “Have I gained weight?” Learn the warning signs and how to navigate this hormonal minefield.

Douchebag Unicorn

A douchebag unicorn gives a douchey PSA. From Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Comedy.

Lando Meets Billy Dee Williams

The baddest brotha in the galaxy, Lando comes face to face with his fans and the man that portrayed him in the ‘Star Wars’ trilogy, Billy Dee Williams himself. He also shares with us his rules for making a sex tape.