How To Confuse An Idiot

Idiots are everywhere and this video shows in a hilarious fashion how to confuse and mock them. We encourage you to share it with the idiots in your life and let the fun begin.

Seinfeld’s World Domination

Jerry always aspired to great things like outsmarting Newman and running really fast, but the guy had more diabolical plans in mind also. This re-cut spoof trailer lay’s out his plan for world domination as Jerry The Great.

Knockout Girlfriend

Sometimes women can make some strange requests of their partners. One man turns to his best buddy to help out with his female dilemma.

10 Things Athletes Say and What it Means

Yeah, pro athletes say a lot of dumb things but a lot of that is when they’re exhausted and emotional, so it’s bound to come out stupid. But check out what they’re really trying to say.

Flavor Flav’s Fried Chicken

Watch out Col. Sanders, Flava Flav is about to give you a run for your money in the chicken game. FACT: He’s got a degree in “cheffen” and opening a fried chicken restaurant in Clinton, IA. Only one thing I can say here – “Yeaaah boooy!”

WTF Is Going On Here?

This clip takes weird to a whole new level. Basically, it’s a Filipino talent show called ‘Showtime’ and this contestant is something of a witchdoctor diva. Proof that reality TV was invented by the devil.

Winter Is Full Of Fail

Snow is a recipe for idiot behavior like no other and old man winter certainly knows how to bring out the fail in people. Runaway snow plows, morons jumping through ice, it’s all here!