The 20 Awesomest Drunk Animals

Grab yourself a cold one and while you’re at it, get one for your four legged friend as well. After all, they probably get tired of drinking out of the toilet bowl all day.

Could This Be The Greatest Action Movie Ever?

It’s a bold statement to make, but this compilation of scenes from ‘Deadly Prey’ may well catapult it to the status of the greatest action movie ever. After all, it’s not every movie a man is beaten with his own arm.

Fight Club For Seniors

First rule of Fight Club for Seniors: Don’t talk about Fight Club for Seniors. There’s a couple other rules too, but they mostly pertain to Wednesday night bingo and the rec room.

Knob Hockey: Locker Talk

In this episode of Knob Hockey, Chris tries to motivate the Annehiem Quacks to take the Stanley Cup back from the Canadians.

Cinnamon Challenge On Salvia

The cinnamon challenge is given a new twist when Daniel Tosh combines it with the saltine AND coconut chop challenges. All while on Salvia.

The 20 Worst Mugshots

In this feature, 20 of the most hilariously horrible mugshots ever photographed – these people are already guilty of crimes against the eyeballs.