Thank You, Leslie Nielsen

We’re still bummed about the passing of Leslie Nielsen and aren’t quiet ready to say goodbye. Enjoy another clip of the classic funny man doing some overseas work.

Is There Fungus Among Us?

Maybe she’s just really outgoing. Or maybe she’s had a few too many daiquiris. Or maybe, just maybe, there is fungus among us.

TSA Gonna Be All Up In Your Junk

By now we all know about these body scanners at airports, but the TSA has a few new guidelines sure to raise concern among the male population. Safety comes with a cost, people.

Who Pooped The Bed?

Frank and Charlie try to figure out who pooped the bed. From Season 4 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Leslie Nielsen Remembered

One of Hollywood’s great slapstick funny men, Leslie Nielsen, recently passed. Check out this classic clip of him at his best in Naked Gun.

Ninja Please!

We’re kicking off Ninja Week here at Heavy with a collection of the best and most popular vial videos featuring the men in black…Ninjas!