Man Up! Best Links for Monday July 19

Happy Friday, let’s celebrate with a whole bunch of girls in skintight pants, even more girls washing cars, a girl on top of a keg, and classic film theme songs performed with a vuvuzela.

Giraffe Movie Prank

We all hate it when somebody sits in front of us at the movies. But what if that somebody is… a giraffe?

The City of Bell

City officials in Bell, California, a small city in Los Angeles County, are being forced to answer tough questions after an LA Times report revealed the extravagance of their pay.

Beware the Boob Stare

It happens. Doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a girl. You’ll get caught staring. Just hope it isn’t caught on camera like in this gallery.

5 Stages of a Drunken Night

We’ve all been there before. You start of easy until things escalate and get out of control. So be aware and check out the five stages of a drunken evening. Know your enemy and be prepared.

The Secrets Of The Weigh Down Diet

The Weigh Down Diet uses the Bible to teach people how to lose weight and to inspire them to stop eating so damn much. We thought we would let you know just what this Weigh Down Diet is all about.

The 20 Awesomest Graffitis

A little vandalism never hurt anybody, and a lot of vandalism is pretty awesome. So check out our gallery of the 20 awesomest graffitis.