10 Strangest Addictions from TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’

We all have our quirks. But some of us are a little…quirkier than others.
TLC’s My Strange Addiction highlights some of the more outlandish traits, and we’ve gathered videos of the most bizarre of all.
Word of warning, though: some of these videos might make you a little squeamish.


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10. Just Say NO to Bees

Who knew that homeopathy could lead to psychopathy.

9. I Love My Car – No, Really, I LOVE It

Brings a whole new meaning to “lube.”

When Muppets Attack: Strange Creature Found in Namibia

A hunting party stumbled upon not one but a pack of new, strange creatures while out in the dense jungle of Namibia

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8. Pool Toys Become Bedroom Toys

And suddenly “Free Willy” becomes a double entendre.

7. Tan Mom, Meet Tan Dumb

Admittedly I went to high school with some of these girls. It’s also a reason why I moved away.

6. Bleachaholic

Literally pouring bleach into the gene pool.

5. Toilet Paper People Eater

Even the Charmin Bears don’t do this.

4. Coffee is a Diarrhetic…Now in Enema Form

I’ll take mine without sugar.

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3. Sand Eater

It gives you a crunch that will ruin your teeth.

2. Adult Transgender Baby

Nose goes for diaper changing.

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1. No Need for a Rubber, Your Girlfriend Is Made Of It

Some assembly required, some pieces might be piecing…like your dignity.

Ben Stiller’s Strange Addiction

Addiction is never something to poke fun at. Unless it involves a celebrity, and unless that addiction involves eating the eyeballs of Beanie Babies. That kind of weirdness deserves to be mocked at every opportunity.

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