10 Strangest Addictions from TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’

We all have our quirks. But some of us are a little…quirkier than others.
TLC’s My Strange Addiction highlights some of the more outlandish traits, and we’ve gathered videos of the most bizarre of all.
Word of warning, though: some of these videos might make you a little squeamish.


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10. Just Say NO to Bees

Who knew that homeopathy could lead to psychopathy.

9. I Love My Car – No, Really, I LOVE It

Brings a whole new meaning to “lube.”

When Muppets Attack: Strange Creature Found in Namibia

A hunting party stumbled upon not one but a pack of new, strange creatures while out in the dense jungle of Namibia

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8. Pool Toys Become Bedroom Toys

And suddenly “Free Willy” becomes a double entendre.

7. Tan Mom, Meet Tan Dumb

Admittedly I went to high school with some of these girls. It’s also a reason why I moved away.

6. Bleachaholic

Literally pouring bleach into the gene pool.

5. Toilet Paper People Eater

Even the Charmin Bears don’t do this.

4. Coffee is a Diarrhetic…Now in Enema Form

I’ll take mine without sugar.

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3. Sand Eater

It gives you a crunch that will ruin your teeth.

2. Adult Transgender Baby

Nose goes for diaper changing.

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1. No Need for a Rubber, Your Girlfriend Is Made Of It

Some assembly required, some pieces might be piecing…like your dignity.

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