Two Games For The Holidaze: Reindeertase & Santa Fu

Merry Christmas everyone! How’s the birthday celebration for our Lord & Savior going for you thus far? Didn’t get what you asked Santa for? Totally sick of the parental units already? Not quite ready for that fifth viewing of Christmas Story on TBS? Need a break? Of course you do! And I’ve got two wonderfully festive time wasters for you and the entire family to huddle around the computer for (other than yet another jingle cats video on YouTube).

First we have Deertase 2: Reindeertase, a old-school Dragon Quest-style RPG, in which you have to slay all of Santa’s muscles! It’s surprisingly tricky:


And next is a re-skinned version of the NES classic Kung Fu, where instead of some generic martial arts master (which btw is supposed to be Jackie Chan; the game was originally based upon a flick of his, Wheels On Meals), you’re Old St. Nick! Santa Fu has you dishing out karate chops and kicks to elves, nutcrackers, gingerbread men, and more!


Via 4 color rebellion and Kotaku.

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