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Alan Wake

Some seriously long-awaited A-list games are hitting shelves this week, and it’s going to be tough to choose where to spend your discretionary income. Thankfully, we’re here for you to give you the 411 on the next seven days worth of interactive digital funtertainment. Let’s get to the releases.

Alan Wake – Remedy Entertainment’s long-delayed Xbox 360 survival horror game has been in development since 2001. Let’s hope that almost a decade of work can produce a truly top-flight game that dodges some of the pitfalls of the genre. When Alan Wake goes to the idyllic town of Bright Falls to work on his new novel, he’s quickly sucked into a hellacious world of possessed townsfolk and mysterious puzzles. Using light as your weapon, you must fend off the Taken and find the answers to the disappearance of his wife. With a unique episodic format (compared by the developers to 24), this could be the pick hit of the month. Watch the trailer.

Red Dead Redemption – Rockstar returns to the Old West in this open-world sandbox game that promises a huge environment to rustle through. As John Marston, you can ride horses, hunt varmints, gamble, and more – and, in classic Rockstar fashion, that’s all outside the main narrative. With 16-person multiplayer action, tons of Wild West to explore and outlaws to perforate, this is going to scratch that GTA itch. Watch the trailer.

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands – The time-twisting prince returns for another adventure just in time for the Jake Gyllenhaal-starring tie-in movie. Hitting across just about every platform, this will most likely uphold the same standard of quality of the previous titles, while introducing new elemental powers to the Prince’s arsenal. Watch the trailer.

Split/Second – This futuristic game-show racing game is getting a lot of play, and for good reason: it looks hot. Developed by Black Rock Studios, the game features fast-paced, arcade-style driving with the ability to seriously deform the track through the use of special abilities. Read our hands-on here. Watch the trailer.

Trauma Team – The latest installment in the Trauma Center series of surgical simulators, this Wii title moves you into a more holistic view of medicine, allowing the player to take control of six different characters, each with their own specialty. Surgery, endoscopy, emergency medicine, diagnosis and forensics – they all play differently and offer a wide range of challenges. Watch the trailer.

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