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Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker

Let’s dive once more into the bizarre world of Hideo Kojima with a new Metal Gear game. If you’re not into spycraft, we’ve got all sorts of other games for you to choose from this week, so let’s get right into the new games this week.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – This takes place right after Metal Gear Solid 3, featuring “Naked Snake,” the progenitor of the Snake line, as the protagonist. When an unknown military force occupies Costa Rica with cutting-edge weapons, the government calls in Snake and his mercenary crew to restore order. This PSP exclusive puts tons of emphasis on co-op play, with four characters to choose from, each with different attributes. And, as a special bonus for hardcore Metal Gear fans – new cardboard boxes!

Green Day: Rock Band – The latest single-artist Rock Band set puts you in the pogoing shoes of Berkeley pop-punk legends Green Day, who rose from playing skuzzy shows at Gilman St. to having their own Broadway musical. 47 tracks spanning the band’s career, including the full Dookie and American Idiot albums. If you’re a fan, this is a must-buy.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 – Is it time for another round of Tiger Woods jokes yet? I hope so! EA Sports has continued to use the troubled golfer as the face of their flagship links series, probably because it would have just cost too much damn money to reprogram the thing. Beyond all the tabloid scandal, this is just another well-conceived iteration of the series, now supporting Sony motion controls, Wii Motion Plus, and the new “True View” perspective – a first-person shot of the club and the ball, for maximum realism.

Mega Man Zero Collection – The Nintendo DS gets this compilation of the third Mega Man series, which stars sword-swinging metalhead Zero. Four games are collected in the cartridge, all of which will totally satiate your hunger for old-school platforming action.

Disgaea InfiniteThe cult hit strategy game where numbers go up bigger than numbers have ever gone up before gets a bizarre visual novel spin-off for the PSP, in which the strategy and grind are discarded in favor of character relationships and the series’ trademark snarky dialogue. You play as a Prinny, one of the exploding demonic penguins that populate the Netherworld, and you must investigate the attempted assassination of demonic overlord Laharl.

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