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Okay, let’s be frank: you’re going to see Salt this weekend. It looks like the best movie Angelina Jolie has made in years, and you know you want to go somewhere nice and cool (unless you’re on the West Coast, where it’s already nice and cool). But, you know, there’s other movies coming out too. And it’s a solemn duty to tell you about them, so let’s go!

Salt – You know the facts already: Angelina Jolie as Evelyn Salt, a CIA agent accused of being a sleeper for the KGB. There was a great anecdote in Jolie’s recent Vanity Fair interview where she says her agent offered her the role of a Bond girl and she replied with “No thanks, but I’d love to play James Bond.” This is her getting her chance, taking over for Tom Cruise in what is being hailed as the best action movie of the summer. Gritty, realistic action light on the CGI and lots of stunts that Jolie did herself – sounds great. Watch the trailer.

Ramona And Beezus – So if you have kids, chuck them through the door to this thing while you see Salt. Selena Gomez who is I guess famous to people who can’t grow mustaches yet stars in this adaptation of a Beverly Cleary young adult novel. Hijinks ensue! If you go see this without kids, you will get put on a watchlist. Watch the trailer.

Spoken Word – If you need another move to top off Salt, check out this compelling-looking indie drama about a San Francisco slam poet who returns to New Mexico to care for his ill father. Unfortunately, things don’t go exactly as planned and he sinks into some bad old habits with bad old friends. Watch the trailer.

Valhalla Rising – 2009 Scottish film about a one-eyed Viking warrior traveling to take part in the Crusades. Looks like a pretty seriously ass-kicking action flick, and Vikings just don’t get the respect they deserve in the movies. Watch the trailer.

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