Will Cruise or McAvoy Enter Del Toro’s Mountains of Madness?

At The Mountains Of Madness

It was just in July that Guillermo Del Toro had officially signed on to direct his long anticipated adaptation of HP Lovecraft’s classic At the Mountains of Madness, and already casting rumors are starting to come out. According to Collider, Del Toro wants Tom Cruise to star in the 3-D horror tale, while Universal, the studio footing the bill, wants James McAvoy as the lead. Chris Pine’s name was also rumored, but no one knows who’s camp that came from, or if with his current schedule it would even be possible.

Del Toro will be directing the production for Universal, with James Cameron producing. No word at this time on who Cameron would like as the lead, or if that would the deciding factor.

At the Mountains of Madness is the story of an Antarctic expedition that uncovers an ancient set of ruins and some truly evil creatures that will be impressive on a big screen, if done right.

Are we now in a world where James McAvoy is as big a star as Tom Cruise? What caused this, Knight & Day bombing this summer or McAvoy being cast as Professor X in the X-Men: First Class prequel? We are living in strange times, my friends.

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