What’s New In Games This Week

So like last week, slim pickings, though at least one stand-out title from 2009 might finally get the attention it deserves thanks to it’s HD make-over. Whereas another still managed to do well over the holidays despite looking like crap, though the subject matter himself was looking quite ridiculous near the end as we all know.

might and magic

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Pop-quiz: can you name 2009’s Nintendo DS title with the most amount of critical buzz but least amount of dollar signs at the cash register? If you said Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, then you are correct. But this time it’s in HD! Truth be told, I initially dismissed the game upon first glance myself, till I heard that it wasn’t any other RPG experience. Instead of battling knights and goblins and dragons the old fashioned way, gameplay is heavily infused with puzzle elements. In addition to some Puzzle Quest-esque characteristics, it plays most heavily like developer Capybara’s previous hit, Critter Crunch. Basically, anyone who has played a dropping gem/puzzle piece game can rule the kingdom. Xbox 360, PS3

MJ the experience

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Let the grave robbing continue! The HD versions of Michael Jackson: The Experience is finally here. You know the deal: singing and dancing like the dearly departed King of Pop. I must admit that the 360 version at least looks miles better than the laughably bad Wii version… which still made a ton of dough. Coupled with how it officially missed its original holiday launch window to take come extra time, Ubi definitely had no excuses to skimp this time around. The 360’s version appears to be the most appealing, with the hands free (with the exception of the Lips mic) Kinect support. One would have to assume the PS3 will be closes to the Nintendo version, since it now has its own remote, but again, the visuals should be far sharper. PS3, Xbox 360

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