Mixtape: DFA Radiomix Gabriel Andruzzi
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Mixtape: DFA Radiomix Gabriel Andruzzi

DFA Radiomix: Gabriel Andruzzi

When everyone was talking about the rapture last week, all it made me think about was the amazing DFA-based dance-punk band The Rapture and how much it sucks that they broke up. Well, the Biblical rapture was a bust, but thankfully the other Rapture is totally happening. Via Facebook and Twitter The Rapture have announced that are reunited and will be releasing a new album, The Grace of Your Love, on DFA in September. Yay!

In the spirit of all things summer, party and good times, DFA has put out another one of their Radiomix series featuring a mix from The Rapture’s multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Andruzzi. A hardcore start with Bad Brains quickly drops into a hour-plus set of percussion-heavy and downtempo electro-house. A good mix for the long weekend. Stream or download below.

Gabriel Andruzzi – dfa radiomix #15 by DFA Records

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