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Lots to talk about this week. Nintendo is doing worse last year than expected, but things are starting to finally turn around for them, the ESA finally dropped their support for SOPA, but only AFTER it was killed.Mega Man is finally appearing in a fighting game, but it’s not the one that everyone wants… and so much more!

Wii U [BoxTitle]The Wii U Is Officially Coming This Year[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

Nintendo had another face-to-face with its investors. Among the bad news revealed is how project losses were even greater than anticipated. Perhaps motivated by such somber news, it was revealed that their new home console the Wii U is coming sooner than later, and should hit major territories this holiday season.

In other news, it was noted that Super Mario 3D Land did very well this past holiday season, with 5 million copies sold, and that 3DS sales ended 2011 on a high note. Skyward Sword also did well, at 3.4 million. Furthermore, it was revealed that a new 2D Mario game for portable devices is on the way by the end of the next fiscal year, so either late 2012 or early 2013. This news has been openly celebrated by old school gamers and Nintendo diehards everywhere.

The Ugliest Mega Man Ever Is Coming To Street Fighter X Tekken
Capcom has just revealed two new exclusive characters coming to Sony specific versions of the upcoming crossover fighting game. As if Pac-Man controlling a robot isn’t strange enough, a fat guy calling himself Mega Man is also joining the cast. Old school gamers should recognize the duds as those being worn by the slightly constipated looking person on the box art of the original Mega Man for the NES. Diehard fans of the Blue Bomber, who has been denied a proper Mega Man game time and time again, are beside themselves.

Steam App For iOS And Android Launched
The most popular digital distribution system for PC and Mac gamers is coming to Apple and Google’s smartphone platforms. Sorta. The just launched app allows one to chat with their Steam buddies and purchase games… for their PC or Mac. Sorry, but Half-Life 2 is not going to either the iPhone or whatever Android handset. In that sense, it’s much like the recently released Xbox Live app for iOS (and coming soon to Android). It’s also in closed beta; you can nab a copy but can’t get in. But doing so will put you on a list of willing beta-testers.

ESA SOPA [BoxTitle]The ESA Withdraws Support For SOPA[/BoxTitle]

The special interest group that represents the video game industry, The Entertainment Software Association, was the biggest supporter for the now dead Stop Online Piracy Act, despite that many gamers had serious issues with the proposed bill. Well, in the end, that support was dropped, but only after the it was killed in Congress. Naturally, such a sudden and transparent about face has not gone unnoticed, with some people still planning to boycott this year’s E3 (the ESA’s biggest money maker).

A Full Year Of Xbox Live For Just $36
As of this writing, there’s a crazy deal available on Amazon. Normally $60, a 12-month Gold membership can be nabbed for just $36! There’s no time to waste (and by the time you read this, the offer might be over), so if you’re interested, go at it. Though in related news, there’s a rumor going around that Microsoft might actually do away with the whole MS point system. Which no one is particularly a fan of, especially the awkward 80 MS points to $1 conversion rate.

Insomniac Is Saying Goodbye To Resistance
The CEO of Insomniac Games, Ted Price, plus various other members from his outfit, have been saying for years that they plan on moving on from the FPS series that made their PS3 debut. But it’s official; in a recent interview, which was supplemented by a YouTube video featuring just Price talking to the camera, the cutting of ties is final. Though it was reiterated that the franchise would live on, just in other people’s hands. Furthermore, everyone at Insomniac is excited to see what whomever is able to come up with.

Netflix [BoxTitle]Netflix Officially Drops Video Game Rental From Their Plans[/BoxTitle]

Part of the ill-fated Qwikster initiative from the physical and digital movie rental service was the idea of including games as part of their offering. Well, those plans have been officially scrapped. Instead, they want to concentrate on delivering 3D content instead.

But given how the trend is to deliver everything via streaming, and how the upcoming consoles may go away with physical media in general, along with how Netflix has proven itself to stream content (whereas others have definitely failed in that department), there’s a good chance that they may not be entirely done with gaming after-all.

Premium Call of Duty Elite DLC Finally Release, But At A Steep Price
Those who signed up from Activision’s Elite membership finally got their first round of DLC maps, at a supposedly reduced rate than if they purchase everything separately. At least on the Xbox 360 side.

But when it was discovered that multiple users on the same machine cannot share content unless everyone involved has the membership, much yelling and screaming commenced online. Though it wasn’t some ploy to nickel and dime everyone, but a technical issue that Activision hopes to resolve shortly.

Indie Game: The Movie [BoxTitle]Indie Game: The Show?[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer] [BuyNow][/BuyNow]

The celebrated documentary that examines the trials and tribulations of being an indie game designer, made its debut last weekend at the Sundance Film Festival. And, as is often the case at such things, the film’s producers signed a deal with HBO. Who will turn the movie into a show of some kind.

When it was initially reported, there was the belief that it was going to be turned into a comedy, which upset pretty much anyone with a passing interest in the original film. Immediately, comparisons to The Big Bang Theory, and fears that indie gaming would be just as marginalized as nerds are with the aforementioned sitcom, was voiced everywhere. But it has since been revealed that it will not be a sitcom after-all. Whew.

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