This Week In Gaming News
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This Week In Gaming News

So the big news is how the Vita didn’t crash on impact as some predicted. And that’s a good thing, since that means yet another platform to choose from. However, the Vita Taco Bell deal, well, that didn’t go so well. More on that and other news in the gaming world…

The teen pop idol sent the makers of an iOS and Android game a cease and desist for making money off of Beiber Fever by infringing on trademarks and publicity rights. The developers then shot back with a preemptive lawsuit.

RC3, makers of the game, are asking the judge to state that they are not breaking any laws, and what they’re doing is simply a parody that is protected under the First Amendment.

Metal Gear Rex Is Finally On Sale, But For A Steep Price
Fans of the iconic bipedal nuclear tank that made its first appearance in the first Metal Gear Solid have been dying for their own version to own. Cuz that’s just how fans of mecha roll. And at long last, a smaller, scaled down version is being produced.

Thought it’s not all that much smaller. In fact, it’s quite huge… and quite pricey. Pre-orders just opened up for the monstrosity, which costs $500. At least shipping is included, plus it lights up! But again, that’s a pretty penny, even if it is for one of the greatest mechas ever.

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