This Week In Gaming News
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This Week In Gaming News

Just another week of wacky next gen console rumors, pissed off Mass Effect 3 players, and pedophiles getting caught red-handed thanks to a Nintendo handheld. Basically, the the same old, same old…

Rockstar Games recently detailed all the various components of the upcoming multiplayer mode for Max Payne 3. Some are total no-brainers and hardly exciting, but news that they managed to figure a way to bring bullet time, a single player mechanic, into a multiplayer arena has everyone buzzing.

That which was once believed to be impossible has finally been realized, though it’s kind of weird. Basically, it only affects those in the immediate vicinity. Meaning, if you stumble across an exchange in which someone had just activated bullet time, you’ll basically come across a bunch of people all moving like molasses. Sounds very strange, but very cool. But will it actually work? Time will tell.

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