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This Week In Gaming News

To be perfectly honest, reporting about the entitled man babies and their constant need to tell the world how much Mass Effect 3’s downer of an ending has ruined their lives is starting to get a bit tiresome. Now we’re getting to the point in which their antics are starting to become slightly hilarious, hence why we’ll keep reporting on the matter. Oh, and Kickstarter helped to make another game everyone wanted happen, plus some other stuff happened.

EA [BoxTitle]EA Is Everyone’s Punching Bag[/BoxTitle]

Guess what? Mass Effect 3 is still the source of irrational hatred on the Internet. First off, the publisher has been flooded by hate mail from groups calling for the company and its games. Specifically, those made by BioWare to be banned. Why? Because it has men kissing men.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age allowing for homosexual relation pisses a few people off, who all cite that such games can have a negative influence on kids. Never mind that the games themselves are rated M and not appropriate for tykes in the first place.

Meanwhile, EA was voted as the worst company in America by The Consumerist. Even though EA does have a sordid background, including poor customer support, intrusive DRM schemes, and the supporting of SOPA – many believe it’s angry Mass Effect players who rigged the poll.

EA beat about Bank of America in the end (and that’s saying something). So to sum it up, a video game that had a bad ending is somehow worse than a bank that has foreclosed on homes they didn’t own and ruined lives. Not to mention, also brought this country’s economy to ruin. America!

BioWare Can Also Do No Right
Meanwhile, remember all the cupcakes that were sent to Mass Effect 3’s makers as a sign of protest? They were gladly accepted and then immediately donated to a local youth shelter, since they would appreciate the tasty treats the most.

And guess what? BioWare’s fan base is even angrier by such a move, which they feel was “insensitive”. Guess the developer supposedly didn’t get the message.

More recently, the “Extended Cut” DLC was announced, which is supposed to help clarify the ending. Basically, it’s not a new ending as some wanted but just the same old one with a better explanation. Anyone not on the hate train knows what is next: the fans will hate that too.

Modern Warfare 3 Players Plan Protest
ME3 isn’t the only source of ire among gamers. Some hardcore Call of Duty players have said enough is enough and are calling a day long blackout on April 20th in which they’re asking no one to play the game. The message they’re trying to deliver to the game’s developer and publisher – fix what’s broken, ASAP.

Many have taken issue with how DLC happy the makers are, yet some fundamental things have been broken since day one. Plus, long promised features have yet to materialize.

Assassin's Creed 3 [BoxTitle]Assassin’s Creed 3 Believes Fan Ideas Are Terrible[/BoxTitle] [Trailer][/Trailer]

The creative director of the game in a recent interview stated that, of the many suggestions from players as to where to take the series, almost all have been absolutely wretched. The three most popular suggestions: World War II, feudal Japan, and Egypt, were all met with disdain. But India is something they’re up for.

SoulCalibur V’s Brief Story Mode Explained
The latest SoulCalibur does much to build upon an established formula, while also fixing some of the minor quibbles of part 4. But the one area that’s the weakest is the story mode. Aside from the DeviantArt-grade visuals, it’s also too damn short. Which it turns out was not part of the plan.

The story was supposed to be much bigger, but due to “developmental restrictions”, three fourths of the original tale was chopped off. They even did most of the voice work. Will the whole tale be told, perhaps via DLC? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Showdowrun Returns Is Your Latest Successful Kickstarter
The latest dream game to get the okay from the public is a Shadowrun revival. $400,000 was requested, and that goal was met in almost no time flat.

Once again, the key to its success is how there’s been a demand for one for some time now, and people jumped at the opportunity to finally make it happen. Unlike some recent efforts, it will go back to the 2D turn-based gameplay that longtime fans know and love. Its due sometime soon for the PS and iOS.

Rock Band [BoxTitle]Latest Rock Band Ditches Plastic Instruments [/BoxTitle]

The once king of the music game genre, the Rock Band franchise is in desperate need of reinvigoration. Perhaps getting rid of those plastic instruments is key? Because you won’t need them for the upcoming XBLA and PSN release.

It’s essentially a console port of the PSP game that has you playing all the instruments at once by navigating their lanes via the stock controller. Best part is how you can tap into your Rock Band DLC, which has been gathering virtual cobwebs this entire time. Now you can annoy friends with your affinity for Spin Doctors in an entirely new way!

Amazon Instant Video Comes To PS3
While Microsoft goes full steam ahead to turn the Xbox 360 into a home entertainment centerpiece, they still need to play catch up with Sony’s PS3. Aside from the system still being one of the best Blu-ray players around, it can now access Amazon’s digital library.

Movies and shows can either be rented or purchased and Prime members can instantly stream a good portion of such offerings. Which somewhat puts the 360’s HBO app to shame.

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