‘Gangnam Style’ + ‘Big Trouble in Little China’= Mindgasm!

If you’re an ’80s baby, as I am, then perhaps you know of a little film called Big Trouble in Little China. Honestly, this film changed my life.

It made me believe in ancient Chinese magic, and, I wrecked my thumbs trying to reproduce the awesome battle scene between Lo Pan and Egg Shen.

Kurt Russell became a god to me, on Betamax, through this amazing John Carpenter film, and if you haven’t seen it, then go buy the DVD right now.

By now, everyone in the world is aware of South Korean pop star Psy’s amazing hit, Gangnam Style. It’s a great song, and even better, an amazing video. But, what do you get when you combine a fantastic 80’s cult film with a current pop magnetron? You get magic.

Keep an eye out for the real David Lo Pan in the video. This is truly special.

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