Anne Hathaway Totally Flashed Her Vagina at Les Miserables Premiere

anne hathaway no underwear vagina les miserables

Looks like Anne Hathaway wants to follow up her role in Les Miserables with a remake of Basic Instinct.

Or at least it seemed she was in training for Sharon Stone’s famous interview scene last night in New York when she totally flashed her va-jay-jay to photographers at the premiere of the new film.

Here’s the uncensored version.

Anne, wearing a black bondage-inspired getup, was climbing out of her limo onto the red carpet when her dress went up and — damn — money shot. No underwear; clear view to the goods.

In such a situation, the ethics of photojournalism dictate that you hold down the shutter button as hard as possible and take at least 400 frames.

So what’s up with Anne? Is she following Britney’s old drug regimen?

There are plenty of reasons to go without underwear — cleaner lines, laundry issues, good-old American freedom.

But if you’re going to spread your legs and lift your skirt while exiting your limo onto the red carpet at the premiere of your new film, you might want to cover up the holiest-of-holies.

Coincidentally, Anne was just on Letterman talking about flipping off the paparazzi.

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