The 10 Most Badass Bollywood Stunt GIFs

Move over, Michael Bay. Bollywood can do much more than sing and dance.
From pulling victims out of flipping cars, to arms getting chopped off by a well-aimed knife throw, Bollywood gives a run for box office money that might even put Hollywood to shame.

Check out these 10 badass Bollywood stunts that would have Michael Bay creamin’ his pants!

1. Two Guys, One Bullet

2. How Your BK Horse Meat is Tenderized

3. How I Saved Your Brother

4. The Real Super Troopers

5. One Punch to Rule Them All

6. Blackhawk Owned

7. Arm Candy

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8. Wait For It…

9. The Matrix Re-Re-Reloaded

10. And we can’t forget the ladies…

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