10 Plastic Surgery Fails: Before, After and Final Form

Plastic surgery can have tremendous results – sometimes. Like anything that has positive effects though, there are people can never get enough. Sometimes, it’s having grotesquely huge breasts or a hacked up nose job (looking at you Jackson family), but other times, people actually ruin their body and probably their soul.

We took some of the worst plastic surgery muck-ups we could find, and we asked ourselves, what would happen if this kept going, if they just kept following the path that their ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures reveal? What kind of person (or creature) would we arrive at? We call this a “final form.” So here it is: 10 Before, After and Final Forms.

Donatella Versace >>> The Joker


Jocelyn Wildestein >>> Lion


Lara Flynn Boyle >>> Asian Guy from the Hangover, Ken Jeong


Valeria Lukyanova >>> Jigglypuff


Amanda Lepore >>> Red-Lipped Batfish


Jackie Stallone >>> Nelson from the Simpsons


Some Initially Attractive Lady >>> Tom the Talking Cat


Some Initially Cute Girl >>> Blobfish


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Bruce Jenner >>> Ghoul


Carrot Top >>> Cat Man


Bonus: Donatella Versace Remix! Donatella >>> Shrek’s Donkey



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Charles Jackson

OMG!!! This is really terrible. I have heard that most of the cosmetic facial surgical procedures has side effects and sometimes cause unexpected results. But these photos are really scaring. This is the first time I am seeing these kind of photos. I think most of the cosmetic surgeries are safe when done by experienced and qualified surgeons. Even my wife had two surgeries last year. She is fine now.

Med Spa in Jupiter FL

OMG – I think plastic surgeons in America should learn from Korea as over there I have not seen horror stories such as these faces here. But sometimes perhaps it was something inside that enticed these people to choose a wrong one. I wish they come out and list the names of these surgeons so nobody else can suffer the same fate. It pays to do your research. Check for before and after pictures.

Med Spa in Jupiter FL

Holy smoke – but you know beauty is really in the eyes of the beholder perhaps some men will think these ladies are beautiful. Sometimes we see some really beautiful faces but so ugly inside.


What happened to getting old gracefully? You don’t know what to do with your money, give it to me, I can do more with it than you do!!!

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