The 20 Creepiest Easter Bunnies


Wev’e all seen them at the mall–Easter Bunnies that don’t look quite…right.
There’s something innately irksome about an anthropomorphic lagamorph, and we’ve collected pictures of the scariest twenty.
Scroll below and experience the Easter fear only a rabbit carrying eggs can bring.

20. Rabbit or Yellow-Eyed Demon?
It seems like this kid is trying to decide the same thing…

19. What’s Scarier Than a Clown?

18. Easter…killer?
creepy easter bunny
There’s no way the dude in that suit isn’t a serial killer. Run, child! Run while you can!

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17. Pedobear, Say Hello to Pedobunny
Those kids need to run while they can.

This Easter terror is no yolk, share it!

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16. Rabbit Mannequin
It moves without a face or body.

15. Welcome to my Evil Rabbit Lair
Cue Amber Alert in 5, 4, 3, 2…

14. Alice Doesn’t Want to Go
Coming to Wonderland isn’t a choice.

13. Eat Me
If you dare.

12. Dead Eyes
Happiness doesn’t exist on this lap.

11. Two For Flinching
Scarred for life.

10. Old-Fashioned Terror
Lil’ Timmy will never be the same.

This Easter terror is no yolk, share it!

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9. Father Rabbit?
This kid and that rabbit look startling alike.

8. Catch Me If You Can!
Sometimes even the Easter Bunny likes to get sugar high.

7. MOM!!!
The kid wants off the creep. Pronto.

6. Power Ranger Villain?
This thing looks like it should be attacking a Zord.

5. It Puts the Carrot In the Basket
Or else it gets the jelly beans again.

4. Vintage Rabbit
If time travelling ever exists, make sure to avoid this Easter egg hunt.

3. Pink-Eye
Don’t get too close, you’ll catch pink-eye.

This Easter terror is no yolk, share it!

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2. Triceratops?
Now THIS is definitely not a rabbit.

1. Down the Rabbit Hole…By Force
Somebody should probably check-up on this girl.

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