‘Hitler’ Cast as Pope in Showtime’s ‘The Vatican’ Pilot

Bruno Ganz as Hitler YouTube; Courtesy of Showtime

Bruno Ganz as Hitler YouTube; Courtesy of Hollywood Reporter

Just days after Jorge Mario Bergoglio was elected as the world’s new pope, Hollywood followed suit with its own curious choice.

Showtime’s new pilot The Vatican will officially star Bruno Ganz, the Swiss actor who interpreted Hitler in The Downfall and became a YouTube sensation through the myriad of subtitled “Hitler rant” spoofs that went viral in mid-2010s.

Now Ganz will take on the Holy garments as the fictional Pope Sixtus VI in the pilot from Paul Attanasio and Ridley Scott.

Looks like the Internet’s Hitler will become cable’s Pope.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, The Vatican is a thriller about spirituality, power and politics set in the modern-day Catholic Church. If the series gets successfully gets picked up  it would explore the political machinations within the Vatican, exploring the relationships, rivalries, and mysteries behind the historical institution. This comes as Showtime recently wrapped the seasons of Homeland and Dexter, and readies several new scripted dramas for 2013.

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