Justin Bieber’s Friends Throw Wild Party in His Mansion While He’s Away

Justin Bieber, Lil Twist

Justin Bieber and buddy Lil Twist

Justin Bieber is an awfully generous friend. It’s no secret that the pop star lets his buddy, Lil Twist, drive his extremely expensive Fisker all the time, but now he’s letting the young rapper stay in his house while he’s away.

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TMZ reports that Bieber let Lil Twist and another friend stay in his Calabasas, California mansion while he was in Europe last week and on March 19, they threw a rager in his absence. Bieber’s BFF apparently invited 40 girls to the party and the house was filled with marijuana smoke and alcohol the whole night.

Justin Bieber, Lil Twist

TMZ obtained this photo of an alcohol-filled table top with a large hookah in Bieber’s mansion.

One of the party guests told TMZ that the party was still going strong when she left just before 2 a.m. and that none of the neighbors complained. Great neighbors, Biebs, but don’t push it!

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