The 100 Greatest Wrestling Themes Countdown: #100 – #91


WWE’s livest PPV extravaganza is just around the corner with Wrestlemania 29, emanating from New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium. And fans are already saving up their tax refunds for next year’s Wrestlemania 30 from New Orleans. I felt like the best way to celebrate this year’s upcoming wrestling festivities is by counting down the 100 greatest wrestling themes of all time.

These are the songs that you may be embarrassed to have on your iPod, the themes that get you out of your seat at a live show and the tunes that bring back memories of squared circle nostalgia.

100 theme songs are a lot to list in one day, so I’ve made it easy for you all by counting them down in separate pieces with 10 songs apiece. Keep your eyes peeled for the next parts of this list.

You’re welcome! *Damian Sandow voice*

100. Jushin “Thunder” Liger – “Ikari No Jyushin”

He was “Sugar Shane.” He got his superhero on with “The Hurricane.” When he ditched the gimmicks and went back to plain ol’ Gregory Helms, it was finally time. He may not have nabbed a ton of wins, but he captured that Cruiserweight Championship and made it look good. This powerful theme of his wasn’t around very long, but I enjoyed its tenure when Helms was a WWE roster member.

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