Dancing With The Stars Results Show: 4/9/13 Live Blog

DWTS, Dancing With The Stars


We salute you, Karina! Hello, Ladies! 9:00pm

Sexy Kym Johnson shows us the Red Center. Stay tuned for our chat with her next Monday! 9:02pm

Re-cap, re-cap… yadda yadda yadda. 9:04pm

Yeah, Lisa and Gleb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:05pm

Len shoulda kissed it… DL earned it. 9:05pm

Safety for Ally and Mark who had the top score along with Zendaya and Val. Shocking. 9:06pm

Mmmmmm Derek. 9:07pm

Pee Break, Yay! 9:10pm

Can she do the flips again? Yup. I feel like Mark and Ally are thumpin’ around a lot tonight out there… Is it me? 9:14pm

Here’s Peta, not the one you’re thinking. 9:15pm

Karina flub. Love it. Hottest Flubber ever. 9:15pm

Sean Lowe feelin’ low about his performance. The couple that pukes together…. is SAFE! 9:17pm

BRUNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Say it isn’t so. Your imprompt craziness cannot be scripted….. Duh. 9:22pm

Brad Paisley Any Daysley… Yea I know. 9:24pm

This song is catchy. Not bad, Brad. 9:24pm

Karina’s Crazy Highlighter Fringe Frock needs to be in my closet for a crazy night out. 9:29pm

EMBRACE that challenge, Sean baby. 9:34pm

Spotlight Dance… Tears…. Amazing girl. 9:34pm

I can’t imagine showerin blind, let alone professionally dancing with Derek Hough. Inspiration Overload Right Now. 9:38pm

Aw, Derek seemed to get a little choked up. Don’t cry, Derek. We’re here to comfort you. Hugs all around. 9:39pm

Nice! JLo’s impressing. 9:44pm

How does JLo look so perfect all the time? 9:46pm

Lisa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:46pm

Pecs Everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 9:52pm

DL’s Revenge Paid Off! Cheryl’s Happy. Bounce Bounce Bounce. 9:53pm

Pulling for you, Gleb! http://heavy.com/entertainment/2013/04/gleb-savchenko-dwts-top-10/ 9:53pm

Yay for Andy. Go, #TeamDick! Achem… 9:58pm

Crossing my fingers for Gleb and Lisa. 9:59pm

The Suspense is Killing Me. I hope it’ll last. -Willy Wonka 9:59pm

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Lisa don’t go! (Hi, Giggy) 9:59pm

Sad Night. 10:00pm

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