Amanda Bynes on Twitter: ‘Cops Who Arrested Me Slapped My Vagina’

Amanda Bynes Accusing Cops of "Slapping My Vagina"

Bynes seen her leaving a Manhattan court yesterday.

Well we really didn’t think this one could get any weirder, but troubled former child-star Amanda Bynes has sensationally tweeted:

Amanda Bynes Accusing Cops of "Slapping My Vagina"

If you don’t feel like reading her ramblings here are the key quotes you need to know:

He slapped my vagina. Sexual harassment.

I opened the window for fresh air.

The cop sexually harassed me, they found no pot on me or bong outside my window.

So this Bynes’ response to her arrest on Thursday after she allegedly was seen smoking weed in the lobby of her midtown Manhattan apartment building. When cops arrived at the scene, reports were that Bynes threw her bong out the window.

The former Nickelodeon star took Twitter earlier today to defend her actions against reports.

Amanda Bynes Arrested for Throwing Bong Out Apartment Window

Amanda Bynes was arrested Thursday night after throwing a bong out of her Midtown apartment when police showed up at her door in response to a disturbance call.

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