Dancing With The Stars: 5/13/13 Live Blog

It’s on!!!!!!!!!!!! 8:00pm

Kellie Pickler is wiggin’ out again. 8:01pm

Yes! My fave couple Derek and Kellie go first! 8:03pm

Argentine Red Tango with Kellie and Derek…. Sexy moves, but I’m not blown away this week…. I hope that’s just me. 8:05pm

Okay, that spin was pretty insane. 8:06pm

Kellie ad Derek: Starting off with 10’s across the board! Congrats! Glad the judges disagreed with me! 8:09pm

Who’s rooting for Ingo and Kym? 8:15pm

I always love Kym Johnson in gold sparkles! Her body is ridiculous. 8:16pm

Looks like Bruno’s the one with all the hip rolls… 8:18pm

Mixed reviews from Judges… 8:19pm

Triple 8’s for Kym and Ingo. 8:20pm

Loving the dark outfits on Markan Aly. 8:27pm

Channeling the sexy… 8:28pm

They should make a drinking game, taking a shot every time Bruno stands up each show. 8:30pm

10’s again! Mark and Aly tie with Kellie and Derek! 8:31pm

Andy Dick cheering front row…. pantsless. Love it. Looks like he’s doin’ the no pants dance. 8:37pm

Oh, poor Karina. Glad she’s okay. 8:38pm

Loving this sexy tango… So much sexiness on the dancefloor tonight. 8:39pm

I think Len’s caught the “jumping out of the chair” virus that Bruno has. 8:41pm

These 10’s are flyin’ tonight! Go Karina and Jacoby! 8:43pm

Val and Zendaya make me want to go go-karting. 8:49pm

Do you think it’s fair that Zendaya’s been taking dance since she was 8? 8:49pm

I thought the beginning transition was slightly awkward… 8:51pm

Carrie Ann read my mind. 8:53pm

Two 8’s and a 9… Not bad for being a “mess”, huh? 8:54pm

Aw, I’m going to cry, Kellie. 9:01pm

Derek’s looking too sexy… not sure what to do right now. 9:03pm

Seriously sexy and intense. 9:04pm

Derek’s moustache makes a comeback appearance. 9:05pm

9-10-9…not too shabby. 9:08pm

I didn’t know Ingo was from Germany. 9:13pm

Living in Hawaii…. Mmmmm must be nice. 9:14pm

On with the Charleston! 9:15pm

Loving the old effects. 9:16pm

Three 9’s for Ingo! Yay! 9:19pm

That’s a lot of chalk, Aly. 9:26pm

Let’s hope Aly doesn’t come in fourth this time… 9:26pm

Sexy Scarecrows. 9:30pm

10-9-10. 29 out of 30 for Mark and Alexandra, baby! 9:32pm

Jacoby’s Mom is Back!!!!!!!!!!! 9:38pm

Super Random.

What the hell is “Lindy Hop” really 9:41pm

Jacoby’s on a rll tonight. 9:42pm

I feel like the trumpets kind of messed things up, but everything else…. superb. 9:43pm

Bachelorette Premiere Announced for May 27th. 9:45pm

10 and 9 and 10. Bada bing! 9:45pm

Hey, Kobe. 9:52pm

Zendaya and Val are each givin’ a little MJ tonight with those outfits. 9:54pm

And they redeem themselves. 9:56pm

Perfection with a 30. 9:58pm

And THAT’S the game! 9:59pm

Peace. 10:00pm

See our Top 10 Highlights from tonight here.

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