Paul Walker Slows Down for ‘The Safe and the Courteous’

Ride or die?! How about slow down and show your fellow driver some courtesy, hmm? Paul Walker headed to London for the latest Fast and Furious film, Fast & Furious 6, but it took British dandy Pete Holmes to give Paul some lessons on courteous driving tips.

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If you’re asking yourself what Paul Walker and a 17th century, powdered wig wearing Brit have in common when it comes to auto-racing, we can’t help you out. We can tell you though that Vin Diesel’s role in the Fast films is safe for now. Don’t expect to see The Safe and the Courteous bumping Vin and company out of the box office.

Paul Walker Convinced Vin Diesel to Witness Miracle of ‘Alien’ Birth

The longtime Fast & Furious costar talks about his start with the franchise and his strong bond with Vin Diesel.

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