La Mafia Singer Oscar De La Rosa Brutally Attacked Outside Houston Bar

Singer Attacked in Houston, La Mafia, La Mafia Oscar De La Rosa

Singer Attacked in Houston, La Mafia

De La Rosa suffered from severe lacerations to his face.

La Mafia lead singer Oscar De La Rosa was brutally attacked early Monday morning while leaving a local club in Houston, reports the Houston Chronicle.

De La Rosa was leaving Blur at around 1:30 a.m. when he was approached by a fan who was being ejected by the club and appeared to be intoxicated. The man struck the singer in the head several times before fleeing the scene. De La Rosa suffered from severe lacerations to his face, lips and possible damage to his right eye. He also lost two teeth. His driver was also injured in the attack.

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According to bandmate Armando Lichtenberger Jr., who was with De La Rosa at the time, the man attacked the singer because he would not pose with him for a photograph earlier in the evening.

“This person was in the club and had wanted a photo with Oscar. And sometimes when he goes out for entertainment he doesn’t like taking pictures,” Lichtenberger told KTRK-TV in Houston.”He sucker-punched the driver, knocked him half unconscious and then he went at Oscar and started pounding on his face. A sucker punch is the worst thing. He didn’t get to defend himself at all. It happened so fast.”

La Mafia posted a comment on De La Rosa’s status on its Facebook page:

Oscar De La Rosa was assaulted around 1:30 AM this morning leaving a local bar in Houston. He is still in trauma care at Memorial Herman Hospital. He has suffered severe face lacerations and possible damage to his right eye. A police report has been filed and the the identity of the assailant has been confirmed, assault charges will be filed as soon he is located.

Since then, De La Rosa has been released from the hospital and is reportedly resting in his home. However, the singer has cancelled a May 18 show in Atlanta, Georgia in order to recover from his injuries.

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