America’s Got Talent 6/11/13: Live Blog

Are you excited for Season 8 Episode 2? Howie is sure is. Here’s a sneak peak!

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Just ten more minutes! Is everyone pumped? 8:50pm
Here we go! 9:01pm

I can’t wait for this! 9:02pm
Howard wants more dangerous acts and more magicians? Sounds like a party to me. 9:03pm
That’s a pretty fancy dress, Mel. 9:03pm
What’s with the crazy orchestra in the background? Howard’s lovin’ it. 9:04pm
Travis is going to sing… he looks like a keeper. 9:05pm
Omg… was anyone expecting the voice of an angel to come out of that guy?! 9:06pm
Sorry, Celine Dion. He’s got you beat. So glad his girlfriend got him up there. 9:07pm
Looks like there’s love in the air! 9:11pm
Oo, that’s come tough love Heidi. 9:11pm
This couple is smokin’… 9:18pm
Heidi didn’t want it to end! 9:19pm
Girls are complicated, it should just be understood. 9:21pm
These teeny boppers are amazing! 9:24pm
I can’t wait to see what talents happen next! 9:28pm
This band looks promising… they wanna win Howard over! 9:29pm
Oh no they didn’t! They brought out the apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur! 9:30pm
Yes, apparently they’re sexy and we know it too…..9:30pm
Those are some huge roses! 9:32pm
There was a lot of love goin’ on behind the scenes of that last act… 9:35pm
She better watch out with those guns! I’d hate to be in the first row! 9:38pm
Too bad that girl got no’s all around. I kind of liked her country-fairishness, as Howie put it. 9:41pm
Brad is a sword swallower. OH boy. 9:41pm
That was insane! How is he still alive?! Mel B wanted to throw up… 9:43pm
Heidi says no!? 9:44pm
What a trickster. If you ask me, that takes some talent to pull off. 9:45pm
Hey he’s kinda cute. I wonder if he can put a spell on me, too… 9:50pm
Don’t be lazy Howard, this looks fun! 9:51pm
No wayyyyy!!!! How did he do that?! 9:52pm
That last act was sick. He even brought snacks! 9:58
We’ve got a ventriloquist coming. Is this creepy or is it just me? 10:00pm
No way is she singing right now, too?! This is crazy! 10:02pm
This contestant is so cute! 10:09pm
This kid is amazing!! Andrea Bocelli has nothing on him. 10:12pm
The judges’ reactions have me in tears right now. 10:14pm
He’s going to Vegas! His parents would be so proud. 10:15pm
Female escape artist, huh? That sounds dangerous. 10:21pm
The judges look worried. I know I would be! 10:22pm
8 pad locks? Good luck with that! 10:22pm
She wasn’t moving after a minute and a half. How long until we can assume she’s done-zo? 10:25pm
This guy’s got a sexy getup going on. 10:30pm
I’m not sure he compared to Lady Gaga, but maybe we can call him Lady Gag-gag. 10:38pm
Uh-oh. We’ve got a ghost story teller… with props. Creepy props. 10:40pm.
Did he seriously just risk his life to do that hand stand? This guy is nuts! 10:45pm
Mmmm… all that cheese is making me hungry! 10:48pm
This guy is not only adorable, his voice is great. Dang! 10:53pm
That’s all for now but tune in next week for Episode 3 of America’s Got Talent Season 8!

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