America’s Got Talent 6/11/13: Top 10 Highlights [PHOTOS]
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America’s Got Talent 6/11/13: Top 10 Highlights [PHOTOS]

America's Got Talent, Heidi Klum, Howard Stern, Howie Mandel, Mel B

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Check out the Top 10 Highlights of America’s Got Talent Season 8 Episode 3 that made the audience go wild!

1. First Contestant Sings Like an Angel, Then Proposes!

Not only did the first contestant Travis sing like an angel, he loves his girlfriend a whole lot… enough to propose to her on stage! After she convinced him to come on the show to share his angelic voice with the world, Howie Mandel pulled her on stage for a quick hello and Travis got his magic moment. Congrats to the adorable couple and we are excited to see what will come next in Travis’ future!

2. Tiny Dancers Show Off Their Stuff!

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

While these talented teeny boppers have a romantic history of dating (they’ve broken up three times) they’re about to make dancing history, too! The 9 and 12 year-old duo made quite an impression as they showed off their fabulous, and not to mention funny, dance moves. The crazy routine these cuties danced on stage nearly knocked the socks off all four judges… not to mention the audience!

3. A Mariachi Band Like No Other Leaves Their Musical Mark

America's Got Talent

This Mariachi band was no ordinary band… they played hip-hop music! Each member of the band shone brightly on that stage as they radiated their talent in confidence. And the judges loved every second of it, even though Howard may have originally has his doubts. Good thing he gave it a chance before hitting that ‘X’! ‘Apple bottom jeans’ will most certainly be making a comeback after this lighthearted rendition. I think we can safely say this performance was ‘sexy’… and the members of the band definitely weren’t the only ones who ‘knew it’!

4. An Ambitious Sword Swallower Takes The Stage

America's Got Talent

Of course, America’s Got Talent just wouldn’t be as amazing a show as it is if it didn’t have a sword swallower. At least Howard thinks so… he couldn’t get enough of it! The risk-taking contestant even brought his own x-ray machine up on stage to prove to the audience that he was the real deal! Not one, not two, but nine swords were jammed straight into his throat tonight without the slightest of hesitation! Nick Cannon could barely watch. Looks like someone was a little squeamish. How’s that for talented, Nick?

5. The Judges Get Snacks With A Side of Magic

America's Got Talent

This talented magician came up on stage without a single nerve rattling his playful confidence. The contestant even left the stage for his act, asking the judges to give him a hand. He might have even won Mel B’s heart over after he made a dollar bill appear inside the bag of snacks she was holding…When in doubt, win the judges over with dollar bills and food! After being bombarded with tears of joy from the audiences’ reaction to his trick, the young performer received yeses all around!

6. Talented Singer Proves Himself to His Family First, Then The Judges

America's Got Talent

This young performer ‘wow-ed’ the crowd with not only his voice, but his heart-melting story. His family kicked him out when he came out to them and they disapproved, but this kid still hadn’t lost his spirit and drive to prove himself to the world. He sang a beautiful cover of ‘Time to Say Goodbye’ for the judges, which were left with their jaws hanging to the floor in shock. That’s one strong kid, and one even stronger voice!

7. A Multi-Talented Ventriloquist ‘Wows’ the Room

America's Got Talent

It isn’t often you find a female ventriloquist, especially one who can sing! This puppet-singing act stretched the limits as the contestant managed to bring her puppets to life using music. It’s hard enough talking with your mouth closed… imagine doing so while singing opera! Of course, none of this talented woman’s efforts went to waste because all four judges were quick to send her off to Vegas as soon as she put away her puppets… and vocals!

8. Alexandria The Great Makes An Great Escape

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

After a torturous commercial break halfway through her act, Alexandria The Great manages an escape like no other right in front of the judges’ very own eyes! With her trusted hubby as her helper, she wraps herself in a series of chains locked with eight padlocks, and throws herself into a pool of water. After spending more than a minute and a half under the surface, her heads pops out of the water unharmed and completely unfazed! We still don’t know how she did it, but that’s one heck of a talent.

9. Single Father Does Hand Stand on 80 ft. Pole!

America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent

This single father of a 5-year old son decides it would be fun to impress the audience with his hand-stand skills… off an 80-foot pole! The big question is this: What draws the line between talent and stupidity? Well, after performing his act with no outside help at all, EMT’s standing by, this man proves that the difference is clear. As long as you know what you’re doing, that is! Good thing he did. This act was impressive, no doubt!

10. An Alcoholic Father Receives A Heartfelt Song Dedication

America's Got Talent

The last act of the night had the whole room in tears, not to mention clapping hands! This honored son’s father was an alcoholic for most of his life, but turned himself around when it came to his son’s well-being. As this talented singer got up on stage and performed a song he wrote himself, which was dedicated to his father, the judges got an earful of a soft but powerful voice that reminded them of none other than John Mayer. What a great way to end this round of auditions!

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