Justin Bieber Banned For Ripping Off Indoor Skydiving Joint

Justin Bieber

(Getty images)

What kind of trouble is Justin getting himself and his friends into now?

Of all people in the world, you’d think Justin Bieber was the last to have to worry about being cheap. Well, you were wrong! The young star and six of his troublemaker friends weaseled their way out of a $1,600 tab at Las Vegas Indoor Skydiving on Sunday. According to E! Online, Justin made a bargain with the Indoor Skydiving team to pass up his payment as long as he posted an Instagram photo of himself having a good time, in order to advertise the joint. Instead, Justin and his friends took advantage of the place by reportedly acting rude and reckless towards the entire team of employees. A source reports not a single person left a payment or tip of any sort for the flying staff. Not to mention, according to another source Justin “very disconnected with reality.” This does not sound like the Justin we’ve all known and come to love, at all.

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Could Justin’s recent impaired judgment and escalating downfall be due to the use of drugs? “Disconnected from reality,” as a source described Justin according to E! Online, is almost a sure sign that something is very, very wrong. Hopefully the Biebs figures it out before anything else happens…

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