Justin Bieber Accused of Alleged Hit and Run with Pararazzo [VIDEO]

Justin Bieber Hit and Run

TMZ reports that Justin Bieber is being accused of allegedly fleeing the scene after running down a paparazzo with his Ferarri while being attacked by a group of photographers late Monday night.

Check out this video of the moment:

The gossip website says that Bieber was leaving the Laugh Factory around 11:45 a.m. with buddy Lil Twist when a group of paparazzi descended on the two. The pop star tried driving off with his friend in the passenger seat, but the photographers got in his way. Bieber allegedly even motioned for them to get out of the way, but it appeared that one of the photographers got pinned between the 19-year-old’s car and a parked car. Bieber did not stop and it is unclear whether or not he even knew what was happening.

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The paparazzo was taken to the hospital in an ambulance and is said to have suffered from a leg injury. Police were at the scene, but it is unknown whether any legal action will be taken against Bieber.

This comes at a time when Justin Bieber is currently facing a number of problems, including an incident last week where a Miami photographer accused the star’s bodyguard of threatening him with a gun while trying to take snap a photo.

Justin Bieber Steals Paparazzo Camera

Justin Bieber lashes out when a paparazzi photographer tries to take his photo in front of The Hit Factory recording studio in Miami.

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