Kate Middleton’s Royal Baby Birth Plan: Top 10 Facts You Need To Know

Prince William Air Force, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton Baby, Kate Middleton Birth, Prince William

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The Royal family as well as government officials have everything planned, specific to every little detail when it comes to the birth of the Royal baby. From backup plans to emergency situations, this is a no-brainer at this point. Fortunately, we have found out everything for you and put it into our Top 10 Facts here. Check it out!

1. Prince William and the Duchess Want the Sex of the Baby to Be a Surprise

Prince William Air Force, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton Baby, Kate Middleton Birth, Prince William

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Many mommies and daddies think this is a fun route to take. And, with a couple as high-profile as this one, it’s probably easier to ensure that the sex of the baby won’t be revealed to the public because even Mom and Dad don’t know what it is.

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2. The Baby Will Be Delivered in the Same Place that Prince William and Harry were Born

Princess Diana, Royal Baby

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Both Prince William and Prince Harry were delivered from their mother, the late Princess Diana, at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, West London. BBC News relays that the Royal baby will be born the private Lindo Wing.

Middleton will have the very best treatment for the safety and care of her unborn child. E! Online reports that:

The medical team assigned to deliver the child will be led by Dr. Marcus Setchell, Queen Elizabeth II’s former gynecologist, who will be assisted by Dr. Alan Farthing, the queen’s current gynecologist and surgeon.

Kate wishes for this to be a natural birth, but if complications arise, she is prepared to have a C-section.

3. Hubby William May Not Be Present at the Birth

Prince William Air Force, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton Baby, Kate Middleton Birth

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Prince William’s goal is to be present at the birth of his child. However, there may be one problem. BBC News reports that:

The baby is due in mid-July, and Prince William hopes he will be present if his RAF duties allow.

Let’s cross our fingers for the daddy-to-be as he is currently completing his duties for the Royal Air Force in Anglesey, Wales.

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4. Paternity Leave Has Been Granted to Prince William

Prince William Air Force, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton Baby, Kate Middleton Birth, Prince William

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The Ministry of Defense allows only two weeks for paternity leave, so that’s what the Prince will receive. Kate Middleton, on the other hand, will get a much more lengthy break in her schedule.

5. The Birth of this Child Will Help the Economy

Royal Baby, Royal Baby Merchandise, Royal Baby Bag, Sick Bag

The amount of merchandise that is being pushed out in honor of the Royal Baby is amazing. The birth of this child is said to generate almost $400 million. Some of the items are pretty cute, funny, and clever.

Check out the Royal Baby Sick Bag, the Guardsman Sleep Suit, and a Keep Calm and Royal Baby On Cell Phone Case.

In addition to all the merchandise being sold, Time reports that:

Retail opportunities, including an estimated $97 million on alcohol and $39 million on food expected to be bought for celebratory gatherings, will be a boon to the troubled U.K. economy.

6. Once Kate Middleton Goes Into Labor, All Communication Will Cease

Prince William Air Force, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton Baby, Kate Middleton Birth, Prince William

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An announcement will be made once Kate has gone into labor and is safely at the hospital. Then, the public will not hear a peep until the royal family has been notified of the birth. BBC lets us know that:

Once the duchess goes into labour, there will be no further public statement until the baby is born and the Queen, the Middleton family and other senior Royals have been told.

To follow, a traditional scroll will be posted on the gates of Buckingham Palace announcing the birth. There will be flags, guns, and bells ringing to celebrate the coming of the Royal baby. Information will also be sent out digitally to make the world aware.

7. The Nurse’s Suicide at King Edward VII Hospital is Being Kept in Mind

Kate Middleton Nurse, Prince William Air Force, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton Baby, Kate Middleton Birth, Prince William

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In case it’s escaped your memory, when the poor Duchess fell ill in December, a prank call to one of the hospital’s nurses, Jacintha Saldanha, sent the woman over the edge. As a result of a call from two Australian radio DJs, the woman, 46, hung herself. Three notes were left by Saldanha and one of them implicated the hoax call as the reason for her suicide.

With the birth of the royal baby upon us, officials want the public and media to be very conscious of their actions. BBC reports:

Asking for “sensitivity”, officials added that events at the King Edward VII Hospital – where a nurse was found hanged after a prank call to the hospital when the duchess was being treated for morning sickness – were “still strong in the memory”.

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8. There is a Backup Plan in Case of an Emergency

Prince William Air Force, Royal Baby, Kate Middleton Baby, Kate Middleton Birth, Prince William

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In the event the baby comes early, there has to be a backup plan … and there is. Because Kate wants to be close to William for the rest of her pregnancy, she will have to stay at their home in Anglesey. Hollwoodlife states that their Anglesey home is:

almost 300 miles from Kate’s London-based doctor, which could become a problem if Kate goes into labor early.

Not to worry. The palace is prepared with a helicopter to fly dear Kate to their desired location, St. Mary’s Hospital, which is only 70 minutes away. Phew!

9. A Public Viewing of the Royal Baby Has Been Planned

A couple days after the birth, the couple will be scheduled for public photos on the steps of the hospital for all to see. So, once that baby pops out, keep your eyes peeled!

10. The Royal Baby Changes Traditional England

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In England, it is tradition that a female make only take the throne if she has no brothers. However, according to KNSSRadio, the British Commonwealth has come to an agreement due to changing times that the rules will no longer be upheld. Whether the baby is born a girl or a boy, the Royal baby will be third in line to the throne.

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