Kim Kardashian Rivals Farrah Abraham & Myla Sinanaj Are BFFs

Farrah Abraham, Myla Sinanaj


Just days after Kanye West’s cheating scandal and days after Abraham slams Kim Kardashian in Metropolis Nights interview, Kris Humphries’ ex Myla Sinanaj and her “boo” Backdoor Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham party it up in Vegas together.

After Kim Kardashian’s divorce, Charlie Sheen’s rejection rant, Abraham’s DUI case, and Kanye West’s cheating allegations, it’s no wonder these two girls needed to let loose. But, who knew they knew each other?

Two days ago, Myla gave Kim Kardashian a piece of her mind via Twitter saying that:

Farrah, on the other hand, told Metropolis Nights that she hates being compared to Kim Kardashian and that she “outshines” Kim.

Well, then it makes sense that they would hang out since these two have something in common.

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