Miley Cyrus Diagnosed with Laryngitis [MEDICAL DOCUMENT PHOTO]

Miley Cyrus

(Getty images)

Miley’s been dealing with some media and medical drama lately.

Has Miley Cyrus been sounding a little hoarse to you recently? If so, that’s because she just found out she has laryngitis! According to, she was spotted leaving her doctor’s office just yesterday holding a handful of medical documents— minutes after she was diagnosed with the misfortune. Her poor throat has been through a lot recently, she just released her new hit single “We Can’t Stop” and has been reportedly collaborating on some music with Justin Bieber and Snoop Dogg. No wonder she lost her voice!

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View her exclusive medical documents below!

Miley Cyrus Medical Documents


For a better look, visit

Miley Cyrus yells at paparazzi for bumping into her mom: via @YouTube

— Paparazzi X-Posed (@PaparazziXPosed) June 15, 2013

Uh-oh, don’t mess with Miley! But, we’re glad Miley’s only got laryngitis and her voice will be back soon. That was a close one… both for Miley and the cameraman!

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