Miley Cyrus Teaches Britney Spears To Twerk [VIDEO]

Britney Spears

(Getty images)

Oops, Britney’s twerking again…?

Just a few hours ago, Britney Spears reached out to Miley Cyrus over Twitter for some twerking tips! Attached to Britney’s tweet is Miley’s music video for “We Can’t Stop,” in which Miley does her infamous twerk… among other things. We must say, Miley can definitely shake it! Looks like Britney knows where to go for professional twerk advice. See Miley’s expert twerking for yourself in the video attached to Britney’s tweet!

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Maybe Miley should holler back at Britney and the two should get together to catch up. Oh wait, Miley won’t be doing any “hollering” anytime soon due to her alleged case of laryngitis. At least that’s what she tells us. Could there be more to this curious case of sudden voice loss? Could Miley be covering up a visit to the doctor for a pregnancy scare with something like laryngitis?

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