Mitch Hedberg’s Comedy Notebooks Hit the Web

Mitch Hedberg was on the cusp of breaking through to the mainstream before his time in the spotlight was cut short in 2005 due to a drug overdose. Most comedians and comedy fans will agree that his writing and style were completely original, maybe only comparable to Steven Wright. Short silly jokes that were usually less than 140 characters and would have been perfect for Twitter, had their been a Twitter in 2005.

Hedberg’s widow Lynn Shawcroft has released Mitch’s joke notebooks to GQ for their annual comedy issue. The notebooks offer a unique glimpse into a man who spent most of his adult life traveling around from town to town, telling jokes and taking in the world he saw through his trademark rose colored glasses.


On the one time Mitch lost a notebook…

“It was one of the only times I saw him really visibly upset about something. Finally, after a while, he started telling himself, ‘It’s fine. Everything will be fine.’ That’s when the phone rang.” – Lynn Shawcroft

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Mitch wrote some of the best jokes of the last three decades. He is one comedian who all comedians agree is great.” – Mike Birbiglia


See the rest of Mitch’s insightful comedy notebooks at GQ

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